The 7 Most Lucrative Jobs In Medical Marijuana

The 7 Most Lucrative Jobs In Medical Marijuana

The 7 Most Lucrative Jobs In Medical Marijuana

So… you want to break into the booming cannabis industry…Bravo! We love where your head is at, and we’re here to help. Over the past 10 years, our Grothority team has had (pretty much) every job in the cannabis industry…


From cleaning toilets, managing grows, working in dispensaries, to running multi-million dollar cultivation facilities.

It’s our intention in creating this short guide to show you…

The 7 most lucrative (and damn fun) jobs in the cannabis industry…

  • Which ones would be a good fit for you – based on your personality & experience…
  • How you can get started with any of these jobs…

We hope this guide serves you.

With love, hugs, & fist bumps,

– Alex & Dr. Anthony

Founders of Grothority

Job #1: Dispensary Manager

“Because who doesn’t want to sell weed legally every day…”

Average Salary:

Dispensaries are where product meets market – and every good dispensary needs a great captain. Do you have what it takes to lead your dank crew to victory? Find out…

Job Details: You will be managing a wide range of tasks including – customer service, product sales, educating team members & customers on strains, managing employees, and maintaining state compliance.

Experience Recommended: vast strain knowledge, strong management skills, proficient people skills, product knowledge on all levels (personal use), & knowledge on process of manufacturing.

Best Parts About The Job:

  • You get to help amazing patients/customers every day.
  • It’s incredibly rewarding to sell great products.
  • You get to work with other great like-minded people.
  • There is no shortage of very high value networking.
  • You get to host awesome dispensary events.
  • You are the cap-i-tan… ‘nuff said.

“Potentially” Worst Parts about the Job:

  • You have to deal with that occasional unruly customer/patient.
  • Life can be 24/7 BUSY – as manager, you are handling 5+ tasks going on at all times (people, sales, inventory, compliance, etc – see below).
  • Sales tracking & maintaining compliance can be tricky & tedious at times.
  • Inventory management can be a pain of the butt – running out of product when you have a line of 20+ patients out the door is “no bueno” – (trust us on this). Buying way too much of one product can also seriously lock up your cash flow.
  • Security issues – where is stoner Vin Diesel when you need him?
  • Employee retention issues – when good people leave, you need to find good replacements fast.

Personalities this is good for: Type A organized personalities who prefer to never stop moving. Friendly, charismatic people who have the ability to manage others and inspire enthusiasm and trust.

Who this is not good for: Those of us who are a bit more reserved & shy. People who prefer independent work (see Job #3 & 5). People who hate people (you know who you are… 😉 )

How to get started: Budtending is the best place to start – unless you have previous experience managing a dispensary (in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this… I know, our jokes suck compared to our content quality).

Job #2: Compliance Manager.

“If you like rules and weed – this is your sah-weeet spot, my friend.”

Average Salary:

Up to $80,000

Compliance (n) – the state or fact of meeting accepted rules or standards. This is one of the least-sexy (yet most-important) aspects of the cannabis industry.

Job Details: Working with “seed-to-sale” tracking systems, managing plant count inside grow facilities, managing dispensary inventory, keeping up-to-date state records, & other important “legal stuff.”

Experience Recommended: Computer skills sch as – excel spreadsheet proficiency, Biotrack/MJ Freeway/RFID software experience.

Best Parts about the Job:

  • It’s very rewarding to ensure that this industry is legal & profitable.
  • You’ll have minimal (to zero) customer service hassles.
  • You’ll have a small daily workload (compared to other jobs on this list).

Potentially Worst Parts about the Job:

  • Larger upfront knowledge investment (in software knowledge & legal training)
  • It can be a bit lonely at times to be working mostly solo.
  • You are dealing with government forms or systems… and let’s be real… nobody really likes those.

Personalities this is good for: Compliance is best for tech savvy, quiet, detail-oriented, and organized individuals (prior healthcare experience is very helpful).

Who is this not good for: Someone who desires hands-on contact with plants. Someone who prefers mostly teamwork as opposed to individual work. Someone who considers themselves more “artsy” than “detail-oriented.” Basically, if you like finger painting and long walks on the beach, compliance is probably not the best fit for you (but Job #5 might be perfect…)

How to get started: Learn excel spreadsheets (a necessary prerequisite skill), train with MJ Freeway, Biotrack softwares (see here for our Grothority training on these software systems).

Job #3: Head Grower

“If you excelled at herbology as a Gryffindor 3rd year, this is for you.”

Average Salary:

Without quality cannabis, the whole industry collapses.

Job Details: You will be working with cannabis plants, soil, & hydroponic systems. You’ll also be scheduling feed times, cloning plants, and vegetation times. To accomplish all this, you will work with growers, trimmers, compliance managers, manufacturing companies, and dispensary managers on product details.

Experience Required: Because this is a head grower position, it’s pretty much necessary that you have previously managed a grow facility of any size greater than 2,500 square feet for more than 2 years – or you’ve run your own caregiver grow facility for more than 5 years.

Best Parts about the Job:

  • You are working with all types of industry experts at all levels.
  • You are working with amazing plants (…duh).
  • There are few feelings as rewarding as reaping a successful harvest.
  • You are in a leadership position with the power to increase the efficiency and morale of your team at any time. The head grower is the only person with the power to change end product and overall product quality – making him or her (perhaps) the most important person in the industry.
  • You have near total control over the grow environment.

Personalities this is good for: leaders, outdoorsmen, artists, craftsmen, and industrious hippies.

Who is this not good for: People pleasers, those who prefer customer service positions, those who prefer computer/tech work (hint: you will get your hands dirty).

How to get started:
Take our Grothority “Basement to Boss” Master Grower Mentorship. Get on instagram and start following exceptional growers for tips & inspiration (a few of our favorites… @gromer1,, @rare_dankness, @eljefeothedank)
Read grow forums, manuals, and books (our favorite resources are linked here).

Job #4: Head Extractor

“If you’re a nerd who loves “sciencey shit”… this job is for you.”

Average Salary:
Let’s get freaky.

Job Details: Extracting cannabis oils using butane or CO2 extraction equipment. You’ll be working with hydraulic presses, hot plates, bubble hash systems, commercial washers, chemical compounds, ovens, and (of course) cannabis flowers & trim.

Experience Required: Chemistry background is a must – you will be mixing chemicals and flammable agents. Lab tech & medical backgrounds are highly preferred.

Best parts about the Job:

  • Your final product is your creation.
  • You can be creative in coming up with new ideas for concentrates.
  • You have the ability to build/engineer custom equipment for your workflow.
  • You are the “really smart person” in the chain of product production.

“Potentially” Worst Parts about the Job:

  • You can pretty much blow yourself up at any minute. J/K… but there is a high level of risk if you’re not working in the proper environment and with the proper equipment.

Personalities this is good for: The Chemist, the artist, the science-oriented person, and people willing to work in a (potentially) risky environment.

Who this is not good for: Less detail-oriented people or those lacking a scientific background.

How to get started: Apprentice under a head extractor (on the job training is a must). Practice with rosin pressing, ice water extraction, bubble hash (the less dangerous versions of extraction). Learn the basic methods through our “Cannabis Chemist Course”

Please learn how to extract the right way. We’ll happily show you the ropes here.

Job #5: Head Chef

“Because Cannabis & Cooking is way cooler than Kanye & Kim.” – Said everybody, every time.

Average Salary:
Let’s get freaky.
With FOOD!

Job Details:You are an artist melding cannabis and food (think: infused butter, honey, oils, edibles, and other delectables from hard candies to gourmet meals). This is a commercial scale food processing position.

Experience Recommended: Cooking background, fast paced kitchen experience, and spanking Bobby Flay on Season 5 of Iron Chef.

Best Parts about the job:

  • You work with food – which (intrinsically) is pretty damn fun.
  • You work with growers, extractors, and dispensaries to produce a final product.

Personalities this is good for: Creative/artistic types, cooks, foodies, fast-paced workers, and leaders.

Who is this not good for: Slow workers, non-detail oriented people, followers (if you can’t stand the heat, stay outta ‘dis kitchen).

How to get started: Start by trying to cook with cannabis butter and oils. Read books and forums about dosing and effectiveness. Take the Grothority Master Course “The Cannabis Chef” for everything you need to get started.

Job #6: Grow Manager

“You are “the big cheese” at the cultivation facility making sure everything runs as smooth as velveeta” (#badjokes).

Average Salary:

You are “the big cheese” at the cultivation facility making sure everything runs as smooth as velveeta (#badjokes).

Job Details: Managing growers, extractors, manufacturing companies, delivery companies, soil companies, scheduling, compliance audits, security companies, grow ownership, yada, yada… #yourunshit

Experience Recommended: Management experience in other industries, strong leadership experience, & experience with health inspection audits (state-level).

Best parts about the job:

  • You are working with a full-suite team of growers, extractors, & dispensary managers.
  • You are managing PEOPLE instead of PLANTS (things with ears are usually easier to manage).
  • This is the easiest access point into the industry – you don’t necessarily need growing experience to be awesome at this job.

Personalities this is good for: Strong, organized, and patient leaders.

Who is this not good for: The hands on craftsman who prefers touching plants on a daily basis (or someone lacking people skills).

How to get started: When it comes to landing a Grow Manager position, your network access to decision makers at cultivation facilities is a HUGE FACTOR. If you’re serious about pursuing this opportunity, we recommend getting a leg up on the competition by taking our “Basement to Boss course” where you will gain direct network access to dozens of cultivation facilities across the country we can help land you a job.

**SPECIAL NOTE: There are 2x more cultivation facilities than dispensaries – meaning there is A LOT of opportunity to become a grow manager. Again, this is an excellent entrance point into the industry for someone (without cannabis-specific experience) yet with strong prior management experience to break into the industry successfully.

Job #7: The Cannabis Consultant

“Cash money know how. Get the money.”

Average Salary:


This is potentially one of the most lucrative jobs on the list. As a Cannabis Consultant, you are a major thought leader in the industry with the ability to advise grows, dispensaries, investors, etc. There is a BIG DEMAND for truly experienced cannabis consultants. As such, the breadth of your salary and impact is determined only by your hustle and experience.

Job Details: Consulting dispensaries, grow facilities, extractors, construction companies, lawyers, accountants, etc. You are working with “big money” ownership of all types.

Experience Recommended: 8-10 years cannabis grow knowledge and cannabis experience. Experience opening varieties of dispensaries, extraction labs, kitchens, and grow facilities. Experience dealing with local governments, regulations, and law enforcement. Working with state government and application systems. Working with investors. Putting together cannabis contracts. With this particular job, you really do need to know all facets of the business.

Best parts about the job:

  • You make your own schedule.
  • You are your own boss.
  • You set your consulting fees.
  • You can choose your projects.
  • You control your own destiny.
  • Use The Force wisely, young padawan.

Personalities this is good for: Owner and leader types, entrepreneurs, success addicts, uber Type-A people, and those desiring large incomes.

Who this is not good for: Weak, unmotivated people (and those with less than 5 years of cannabis industry experience).

How to get started: With this particular position, it’s pretty imperative to become a master in at least 1-2 certain aspects of the industry (See Jobs #1-6). Start growing, start managing a cultivation, and start networking with dispensary owners/growers.

For the fastest path to this particular job, take one of our Grothority Master Mentorship Classes (see below for more information).

That’s All for Now

We hope that this post got your “gears turning” and inspired you to take the next steps to breaking into the industry.

There is A TON of money to be made (and fun to be had) in this beautiful Cannabis Industry we love.

Here are a few FINAL NUGS we’d like to leave you with:

  • You can do this. All of these job skills are LEARNABLE. If you’re the type of person with passion, hustle, and willingness to learn, you will succeed in this industry.
  • Often, it’s not just about WHAT you know… but WHO you know. Your network is your networth. This is the hard truth in the Cannabis industry.
  • Our team here at Grothority WILL HELP YOU. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping awesome people like you succeed at both life and cannabis. Join us in our programs below.

If you’re fired up to take your next steps, tell us what specifically you want to start exploring…

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